Is it really motivation?

Is it really motivation? Whether it’s on a poster, Instagram post, refrigerator magnet, or the topic of a speech, motivation is all around us. If you [...]


Patience. In a world awash with instant gratification, it can be hard to have the patience to work on your fitness. Getting your body and health [...]

Obstacle Race Training

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]This plan is based on what we wrote for an athlete that was a competitor in various obstacle races. Designing a training plan for these races [...]

Is it motivation?

You can't look at social media without seeing some sort of motivational quote in regards to fitness. We certainly have plenty of them. But is motivation [...]

Managing Soreness

Managing Soreness The issue of soreness and fatigue has popped up recently with some of our members. The issues have ranged from mild tightness and weakness [...]

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