November 2018

Nutrition – Step by Step


Are you ready to tighten up your nutrition? Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Dialing in your nutrition can be incredibly overwhelming, so we’ve got you a basic step by step process below. Keep in mind that everyone’s needs are different, but what we’ve given should be something to [...]

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October 2018

Women and Strength Training


Women and Strength Training Ladies, here's the deal: you need to be lifting some weights. And we don't mean the 1 lbs. dumbbells you got for 30% off on Amazon Prime. We mean heavy weight, attached to a barbell, and sitting in a rack. It's good for you, you need it, and it will make [...]

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March 2018

It’s all in your head


It's all in your head... No seriously, it probably is. We all talk about 'mental strength' being the key to athletic performance, and as it turns out, new research indicates that the mind really is the key to improved performance. The research tells us that fatigue is grounded in perception, and that our mind is regulating [...]

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November 2017

Plan to win


"You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win." -Zig Ziglar The most common reason (excuse) for poor exercise habits we hear is a lack of time. It tops all of the other reasons combined, including finances, injuries, and access to a [...]

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Is it really motivation?


Is it really motivation? Whether it’s on a poster, Instagram post, refrigerator magnet, or the topic of a speech, motivation is all around us. If you look on social media, there are over 100 MILLION posts tagged with #motivation, and motivational speaking and writing is a multi-million dollar industry. But are they right? Are we [...]

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May 2017

5/5/17 Happy Hour


Warmup: 5 Rounds 10 pullups 10 pushups 10 squats 10 KB RDL Then 5 x 5 Back squat @ 70% 1 rm 45 lbs of squat is chain Pause for 2 count at the bottom of every rep Then 2 sets 6x :30 sprint, :30 rest row Rest 2:00 between sets

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5/4/17 Strength


Warmup 2x5 wall squat 2x10 wall squat 2x10 air squat pull up / dip practice negatives, bands, plank pulls, bar hangs etc. Then Front Squat, work up to 1 RM 5 x 3 @ 80%, rest 2 min between sets Then 500m row @ 90% 100 Floor wipers 500m row all out Then Cool down

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5/3/17 Power Endurance


Warmup 2x5 wall squat 2x10 OH PVC squat Then: 3x10 RDL or dead lift with kettle bell - increase weight each round 3x10barbell or banded good morning Then Ladder Row/ski 500m or assault 40/ airdyne 50 calories 50 dips 50 db push press 50 step up (25 each leg) 50 push up 50 KB swing [...]

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March 2017

3-20-17 Power


Warmup with 10 minute assault bike Then Work up to 1 RM Push Press Then 7 x 3 @ 70% 1 RM, Hold for 2 sec at top Then 6 rounds: :10 sprint, :50 rest, ski Perform 10 KB swings in the rest Then 6 rounds: :20 sprint, :40 rest, rower Perform 10 KB Swings [...]

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3-9-17 Interval


Warmup" 10 min ski 2 x 5 wall squat 2 x 20m lunge w/10 lbs. plate overhead Then 10 Rounds: :30 work/:90 rest ski During rest perform 5 burped pullps Then 300 sec FLR  

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